Online Catering Overview

Online Catering captures upfront revenue through advance orders, letting guests order as soon as they want online, removing staff involvement in order-taking and payment, and helping the kitchen prepare for orders faster with operational prep tools.

If you’re taking orders in advance and preparing them in bulk, Online Catering might be a good fit for your needs. Some examples of businesses that benefit from Online Catering include bakeries, BBQ restaurants, meal kit businesses, businesses with catering offerings or seasonal menus like holiday pies, and catering-specific operations.

Online Catering offers:

  • A streamlined guest experience, built to turn visitors into paying customers

  • Operational documents that summarize what to produce, what orders you have, and what is in each order

  • Differentiated offerings by location & multiple menus with powerful controls

  • New dashboard for managing catering orders and settings, all in one place


Online Catering offers a better experience for your guests, and more revenue for your business. Guests choose a date and time when ordering, and see the menu available for fulfillment at that time. Single-page checkout makes things easier, faster, and more convenient for your guests, too.

Learn about the guest experience in Online Catering, and how to configure it.


An all-in-one-place dashboard lets you control your orders, configure your store, set up menus, and more.

Online Catering vs Takeout & Delivery

Online Catering offers tools focused on larger orders, prepared in advance. Takeout & Delivery offers tools focused on preparing orders as they come in.


Online Catering

Takeout & Delivery

Orders can be placed

Up to a year out

Only 7 days out

Menu setup



Operational tools

Focused on prep in advance,
including prep sheets &
summary of orders received for
a day

Focused on prep right now, including POS integrations and live order alerts

Delivery fulfillment

Only in-house

In-house | DoorDash | Relay

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