Promo Codes Cheat Sheet by BentoBox


Create Promo Codes for Entire Orders or Limited Items

To create a promo code in BentoBox, you can do this in 3 places below. To access them, you must first log in to BentoBox. Then, go to the MARKETING section from your main navigation. 


  • Promo Codes: Create a code here to use and promote (and then track redemptions of) through social media, in a homepage Alert on your website, in a Welcome Message within your online ordering, through one-off email promotions, etc.

  • Automated Campaigns: If you create a promo code in any of these emails, it will be sent to diners automatically at the right time, based on their purchase behaviors. Learn more

  • Loyalty Program: This is a program that nudges diners to keep ordering once they’re close to a reward, and then unlocks a reward once they’ve reached a milestone. Learn more

Items Only

Examples of Promo Codes you could create: 


100% off any item in an appetizer section

Note: make sure the promo is limited to one item only. 


100% off any entree item 

Note: make sure the promo is limited to one item only. 


10% off all appetizers 

Note: make sure the promo applies to all of these items added to cart within 1 order. 


10% or $10 off one item (select which one when you create the promo)


$20 or 20% off one item (select which one when you create the promo)


Get your dessert free when you spend $30 or more

Note: make sure to set a minimum of $30 in the promo code criteria. 


Get 5% off any entree for a limited time. 

Note: We recommend setting a limited time on this (i.e. only eligible for 1 month. 


Get 100% off any appetizer when you place your first direct order. 


Entire Order

Examples of Promo Codes you could create: 


10% off your next order


20% off your next order


$5 off your next order


$10 off your next order


Free shipping off a merchandise item (Merch Store only)


Free delivery off an Online Ordering or Pre-Order & Catering order


Pick a $ or % off an order to get first time diners to return


100% off an order, for your staff to use sparingly to fully comp an order


Choose a % or $ amount off a delivery order, if you have delivery active


10% off your first direct online order

Once you’ve created a promo code, don’t forget to spread the word with diners using some of our pre-built social media templates. These complimentary templates are editable with a free Canva account. Want more about how Promo Codes work? Read our help center here