Gift Cards Overview


Intro & Settings 

BentoBox lets you sell digital gift cards, physical gift cards, or both through our platform with payments securely processed through Square or Stripe.
Once you've created an account with either payment processor, follow these steps: 

1. Log in to the backend of your website and hook up your payment processor. 

Click here to connect Square.

Click here to connect Stripe.

2. Complete your Store's General Settings

3. Set up your gift card settings page. 

The tutorial video that follows talks through how to set up your gift cards settings. 

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are issued directly through BentoBox as an electronic product. 

Here we'll learn how to review any digital gift card purchases and redemption codes. You will also learn how to redeem and resend a digital gift card:

For more information visit: 

Physical Gift Cards

BentoBox helps you to sell physical gift cards you may already have and sell on-premise, directly through your website. Our platform also helps you manage and fulfill these orders. 

Similar to a general merchandise item, the inventory and fulfillment for a physical gift card is handled by the business owner. 

In the video that follows, we will talk through how to view and fulfill physical gift card orders:

For more information visit this article describing how to fulfill orders in BentoBox.

Additional Features and Information

If you’ve enabled your restaurant website to issue digital gift cards, you also have the option to send promotional gift cards. These gift cards, issued via BentoBox, can be sent directly from the platform to customers. 

For more information visit: