Printer Integration for BentoBox's Takeout & Delivery: Overview


Print orders without the work. BentoBox improves your workflow and streamlines order prep by printing thermal tickets for easy use in the kitchen. Simple, direct, automatic. 

Note: Our printer integration offering supports two models at this time:

  1. Epson TM-m30II NT (Model #C31CJ95022)

  2. Star Micronics TSP654II with CloudPRNT

Benefits of a Printer Integration

For restaurants using BentoBox's Online Ordering to manage pickup, delivery and dine-in orders, enabling a printer integration saves time, simplifies the order prep process, and improves order accuracy. It also drives more repeat customers by delivering a better order experience to diners: orders are prepared on-time, and as requested. 

How Our Printer Integration Works

With a printer integration, orders are sent directly from order checkout, to BentoBox, and then to your printer. But this all happens automatically. No work is required from your staff to enter the order into your POS in order to fire a ticket. We monitor upcoming orders and print them as soon as it’s time to prepare the order. Printer settings in BentoBox can be set to print — for every order — both a receipt for the diner and a simplified ticket for your kitchen staff. By also activating Autopilot, you simplify the order process so your team doesn’t have to monitor update order status on a tablet, either. We’ll mark orders as begun to diners once they enter prep time and then as ready at the order's prepare-by time, automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What printers do you integrate with?

BentoBox currently integrates with the Epson TM-m30II-NT (Model #C31CJ95022) and the Star Micronics TSP654II printer model with CloudPRNT. 

Note: We are currently working to add new printer models to our integration list, so check back here over time for an updated list.

Where can I purchase a supported printer?

Visit our Shop portal here.  

Is there a fee for integrating online online ordering with a thermal printer? 

No, there is no fee for integrating your printer with BentoBox. You do, however, need to purchase your own printer.

See additional FAQs here. 

Getting Started

In order to activate the BentoBox printer integration for online ordering, make sure that your printer is placed near an ethernet router or hub with a wired connection. If you do not yet have this printer, you can purchase one here. You will also need an ethernet cord (category 5 or higher) to connect your printer to the router, which you can purchase here


Table of Contents

1. Setting up your new printer

2. Connecting Online Ordering to Your Printer*

3. Updating Your Printer's Settings 

*Note: If your printer is already connected to the internet using an ethernet cable, skip to step 2. 

For more information visit: Printer Integration FAQs