Reservations & Waitlist Overview

Reservations and Waitlist is our newest solution for table service restaurants who want the ability to:

  • Accept online bookings through multiple sources without slowing down FoH operations

  • Manage waitlist and reservation bookings without relying on manual processes with pen and paper

  • Quote accurate wait times to provide a better guest experience

  • Turn tables faster. Empty tables mean less revenue

  • Maximize cover counts to ensure peak profits are realized

  • Own your guest book data and communicate with diners directly to deliver exceptional guest experiences

System Requirements

In order to use the full functionality of the Reservations and Waitlist products, your business must have an iPad to download the Bento Book app from the App store (Learn More).  

  • The Bento Book iPad app is NOT available for Android devices and is not available in the Google Play store

  • The BentoBook Lite mobile app can be used with either iPhone or Android devices and is available in the Apple App store and/or Google Play store

Note: these products can be accessed through the iPad or mobile apps only; web portal access is not available at this time. 

Primary Features

Waitlist Management

  • Digital waitlist management from a mobile phone or iPad- Earn trust by providing guests with more accurate wait times

Table Management

  • Visual, customizable floor plan that allows for multiple spaces (upstairs, downstairs, outside, bar)

  • Server shift management: ability to schedule servers on overlapping shifts; rotate servers to equalize tips/workload

  • Assign parties to specific tables; track status of each party to quote accurate wait times with table seating timer

Guest Management

  • Two-way SMS communication & notifications

  • Capture guest data in the guest profile system with a stored repository of data viewable to FOH and the server

  • Enter notes (eg, anniversary, free text) and tag guests as VIP, first-time, etc.

  • Share guest book across multiple locations

  • Ability to connect a Bluetooth thermal chit printer to automatically print guest notes, tags, and more for servers

Reservations Management* 

  • Online booking where guests can book on a website and create, change, or cancel reservations

  • Capacity management with the ability to throttle and hold table inventory for walk-in guests

  • Reserve with Google integration

*If you are under the Waitlist plan only, and want to learn more about our digital booking experience, click here