Online Ordering Overview

This tutorial is exclusively for BentoBox's Online Ordering, a solution for pickup, delivery, and dine-in orders. Online Ordering can be activated as an add-on to a BentoBox website or as a standalone offering with a non-BentoBox website. Visitors can browse, add to cart, and check out within seconds. You can easily manage orders and settings directly from the BentoBox backend. 

Here we’ll go over how to access Online Ordering content and settings. You will also learn how pages are anchored under the following categories: 

Note that your dashboard navigation may look different depending on your BentoBox subscription but, all Online Ordering features are the same. 

Manage Orders

The Manage Orders section goes over the following: 

Managing Menus

Here, you will learn about The Relationship between Menus and Items within Online Ordering and how to edit your location(s) information

How to Manage Settings

The last section of Online Ordering are your Settings. Your General Settings and Notification settings are found here. 


To contact Support for any additional assistance with the Online Ordering store by BentoBox, please call (646)585-5021. The support line is available from 9:30am-6:30pm EST daily. 

All website related inquiries can be sent to