Getting Started With Takeout & Delivery

BentoBox's Takeout & Delivery is a solution that allows you to accept pickup, delivery, and dine-in online orders through your website. These incoming orders are accessible from the BentoBox backend. Orders can be started and their status updated manually here — or automatically if a Point of Sales (POS) integration is in place or a restaurant has our Autopilot feature turned ON. The platform also takes care of sending guest order updates via SMS and/or email communication. 

To accept online orders, you will need to have a valid payment processing account through Square or Stripe connected. You will also need a live store URL and a Store Name within Store Settings.

Payments Support

Like other eCommerce products within BentoBox, order sales will be processed through Square, Stripe, or Clover. You can choose which provider to use for Takeout & Delivery. 

Don’t have an account set up yet?

Which POS Systems are supported by BentoBox's Takeout & Delivery service?

Takeout & Delivery connects directly with Clover POS and Square POS; and partners with several middleware providers to connect to dozens of other POS solutions. More information on available Point of Sale and Middleware solutions.

If you use a POS connection, orders will print via your POS system and do not require any additional hardware.

If you are using a Square POS system, make sure your app is up-to-date (at least version 5.20) in the App Store. BentoBox's Takeout & Delivery works best with a Square Stand.

Recommended Hardware

In order to access Takeout & Delivery to edit your settings and/or manage orders manually, you need to use a website browser that meets these requirements. 

If you are using a Square POS integration, check this list of Square-recommended hardware.

If you ARE NOT using a POS integration, there are two configurations that BentoBox recommends depending on if you plan to print your orders:

1. Entering Orders to Your POS to Print, or  Not Printing Orders

If you plan NOT to print orders, Takeout & Delivery works best with any Wi-Fi enabled or LTE enabled tablet device.

Your kitchen can prepare orders directly off of the Live Orders screen in the BentoBox backend, or you can enter orders to your POS to print tickets for your kitchen.

The device that you use to manage incoming orders should be connected to a power source and be oriented vertically. BentoBox also recommends considering a stand for your tablet (e.g. Abovetek Stands

2. Using Our Printer Integration to Print Orders Without Your POS Involved

You can connect to a Star Micronics mC-Print3 series printer with ethernet connection. More information here on getting that set up.

3. Using a tablet to manage orders

If you would like to use a tablet to access Takeout & Delivery, we recommend the Amazon Fire 8 Tablet (available to purchase directly from 

In order to keep your screen on for an extended amount of time, we recommend that you also download a free app called “Keep Screen On Free” available in the Amazon Appstore. It’s free to download and easy to set-up. It will keep the screen on for hours and you can set it to keep this setting even after the screen is turned off or tablet is powered off. Once it’s turned on, you can swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and see how long the app has been running. This app will help keep your tablet display from dimming and allow you to continuously view your live orders screen within Takeout & Delivery without needing to touch the screen to activate it.